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5 thoughts on “Stella Joy— Toronto Star

  1. I have been following your daughters story after I picked her toronto star article back in my first year of high school for a project. It is now 6 years from when I first read it and it still inspires me which is the reason why once in a while I’ll see updated messages and where her stars have gone. She would be very proud of what you continue to do for her. Thank you for keeping her inspiration alive after all this time

  2. Hi, i am the mother of Mika 4 years old from Quebec Canada diagnosed on May 21 2016 with DIPG.

    I would have like to have the chance to speak with you if you would want to. We do see things the same way and we have not taken any treatment for him so far…

    I wish we can have a little talk together your blog is such a nice discovery for me !

    Thanks for what you are doing for us

    Sabrina Neveu

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  4. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter! She was clearly an angel brought into your lives. As a mother and a fellow human being, I am so sorry for your loss.

    I found one of her stars near the beach where I normally teach yoga. I found it after a swim in the Arabian Gulf on the coast of Dubai, UAE. I could only see the ribbon floating up to the surface of the water; the star was buried under the sand below. At first I thought it was garbage and in irritation for the litter bug who left it, I pulled it out of the water. But then when I realized it wasn’t garbage, I thought, “Oh, here’s my medal for completing my swim!” My morning swim is part of an on-going recovery/treatment for a painful back condition. Sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed to swim due to the pain so finding the star was like finding a prize for actually doing my daily workout. I didn’t realize the story behind the star until later that day when I logged on to your site. Now that day’s swim seems so much more important than it already was. Thank you for sharing your story of beautiful Stella through these stars. Her story has touched my heart and now each time I take my morning swim in the sea, I shall think of her swimming along side me. May God bless you and your community. With love from Dubai, Julie

    p.s. I tried to place a star on the map on your website but was unsuccessful. :-/

  5. Dear Mishi,

    My name is Maala Nair and I am an Administrative Assistant at the Ontario College of Teachers. We are considering sending promotional materials to Mom Bloggers such as yourself. Would it be possible to obtain a mailing address? Contact information? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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